Online Recruitment Assessment Tests - Numerical Reasoning

Online Recruitment Assessment Tests – Numerical Reasoning

Psychometric tests of your numeracy skills are by far the most common type. There are few if any tests that do not include a sub-test of these skills and it is crazy to be judged as a great candidate except for the maths!

The Numerical Reasoning Section of the Recruitment Portal contains questions in the following categories:

  • Mental arithmetic – These are easy marks for the well-practised candidate. You are required to work the sums in your head without a calculator or doing any working out on paper.
  • Percentages
  • Sequencing – There are only a certain number of principles that these questions are based on and once you have realized most of them you know what to look for and can get these questions right very quickly.
  • Number problems – questions test your command of multiplication and percentages in words. Remember not to use a calculator and instead practise at working the sums manually. You will soon find short cuts and faster methods; some are illustrated in the explanations.

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