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This is ASSURE Educational Services, an online learning/assessment Nigeria company, licensed by the Corporate Affairs Commission (OG: 26563) to conduct measurement/ evaluation activities for educational institutions and corporate organisations.

ASSURE is an instructional model developed by Heinch R., Molenda M. and Russel James (1985: 33) in their book Instructional Media and the New Technologies of Instruction. ASSURE is an acronym for:

A = Analyze learners characteristics
S = State Objectives
S = Select, modify or design materials
U = Utilize materials
R = Require learners response
E = Evaluate

This is ASSURE Educational Services – Online Recruitment Portal.

When it comes to conducting an online exam, you have to trust the ones who are pioneers in making feature rich online exam along with online assessment system. 

To Recruiters and Corporate Organisations
Do you need to conduct an online recruitment test and selection? We have the solution. Our portal can;
1. Prepare recruitment adverts and send to unlimited e-mail address of job-seekers with a tracking device.
2. Online registration of interested job seekers (no need to submit CVs via email address; our online registration portal will capture necessary data).
3. Online aptitude tests for job seekers. We have different test batteries based on job description. Also our marking scheme can be design to suit your requirements (e.g. negative marking, different scores for each option, etc)
4. Applicants results can be displayed on the screen immediately after test and ranked on the score board for easy elimination.
5. e-mails are sent to qualified applicants immediately based on online test performance and for subsequent tests/interview.

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We can easily adjust our online requirement portal to suit your need. Kindly talk to us and you will be glad you did.

To Jobseekers/Applicants
You can use our portal to search for latest vacancies published thorough our network and attempt online recruitment tests for FREE!

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For enquiries – Contact
The Tests Administrator,
ASSURE Educational Services
Broad Street, Lagos
[email protected]

Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with the companies whose Jobs adverts are published here. We advise job-seekers to carry out due diligence before and during job application process. Job Vacancies & Recruitment Aptitude Tests Preparatory Portal – Powered by ASSURE Educational Services will not ask applicants to pay to secure advertised Jobs

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